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Remastered downloadable version
Greetings from the Asteroid Belt! Even though there has been a long period of silence about the game, development has not stopped. In fact, it has gained so muc...
Patch: 0.7.12 Loot
This time there are bugfixes but also some UI/gameplay changes. Fix couple of places people could get stuck Close Exchange panel with keyboard I key as well Whe...
Patch: 0.7.10 Autosave
Fixes and improvements all around: Fix game crashed if cookies disabled (yeah, sorry about that...) Fix game stuck after sleeping pills quest and levelup If sla...
Patch: 0.7.2 Todo
Having showed the game to more people and receiving tons of feedback there are lots of things needed to be fixed and tweaked. This patch is a big one, the most...
Patch: 0.7.7 Fighting
Few fixes and adjustments: Fix few story loose ends/plot-holes on elevator quest where you can get stuck with some character build Fix turn based melee combat...
Patch: 0.7.6 Shortcuts
Pushed small patch with following changes: pressing the same slate shortcut ( I or C ) closes the slate patched possible bug where you could get stuck without s...
Game published
This is very first publicly available version of the game. I have showed it to max 5 people in total before today. And even less have played it. Let's hope this...