Patch: 0.7.10 Autosave

Fixes and improvements all around:

  • Fix game crashed if cookies disabled (yeah, sorry about that...)
  • Fix game stuck after sleeping pills quest and levelup
  • If slate blocked by dialog in progress or level up, open corresponding sheet. This should fix also most of the "stuck in the slate" errors players may have encountered
  • Fix text jumps and breaks line in charsheet and dialog options on Firefox
  • Fix if more than one item in inventory and one of them equipped, don't recognize in dialogs. (Basically, now, if you have two identical space suits and equip one, other will be recognized as available item - e.g. for Orion quest - and also visible in inventory)
  • Rename CNSUM to USE (really, why would I named it like that in first place...?)
  • Improve Benny dialog in second act
  • Use dialog font for text above NPC heads (previously it was something else...why? dunno)
  • Improve space suit quest dialog. (People got stuck because of unclear instructions/comments. Made more explicit texts)
  • Extend Lady B quest (sorry, cannot elaborate more, spoilers)
  • If no save file found, reload game after game over screen
  • Fix rare bug (when navigating to different map, people fall over and screen becomes just stars)
  • Fix intro grammar (thanks to mustawd. from RPGCodex!)
  • Fix walking animation without movement if click on tile you are already standing (doh')
  • Add auto save feature. 


Game will save itself each time player navigates to a different map (uses elevator, shuttle etc.). The previous manual quick save is still supported and available. When starting game, "LOAD FROM SAVE" button will load most recent save - be it manual or auto save. Same in case player encounters GAME OVER screen (e.g., loses fight). However, if you press L in game, it'll load only the manual save.


There are lots of small fixes and improvements not mentioned in this patch and previous ones as well.

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