Patch: 0.7.12 Loot

This time there are bugfixes but also some UI/gameplay changes.

  • Fix couple of places people could get stuck
  • Close Exchange panel with keyboard I key as well
  • When starting new game
    • show slate without usual tabs (TODO, INVENTORY, CHARASHEET, DIALOG)
    • show specific warning 
  • (Important!) Add tooltips to interactable objects, see picture:

  • Show key symbol for locked containers on doors
  • On hover show contents of nearby (5 tiles) unlocked containers, so called sneak-peek:

  • Reword message when accessing locked containers to be more explicit about key being used. (You just need to have it in inventory)
  • Click register on whole line not just text part of item entries in inventory (doh`!)
  •  (Important!) Now, creating character the base values for main stats - STR, AGI, PER, CH, WRK - will be 1 instead of 12. Of course, there are more - 59 - points to spare, so it does not change total amount of available points. This was introduced because players sometimes miss the option to reduce stat, thus playing with mostly average character builds. This is a bit experimental, please, feel free to share your opinion in comments.

Thats all for now. In other news, "Space Wreck" seems to be the most popular web game on currently. Which is awesome! Thanks guys!

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